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"I came into the office experiencing symptoms associated with a disc bulge in my lower back.  Prior to my arrival at their office I had tried several weeks with a chiropractic office without relief.  I was miserable and in constant pain but after a couple of appointments at Larry Ham PT I began to feel improvement.  The entire office was amazing, each therapist has their own approach to treatment, yet they empower you as a patient to find what works for you as an individual!  I would highly recommend this group of therapists, not only do they provide relief of symptoms but they teach you stretches and exercises to keep the pain away!!  Thank you to David, Mike and Blondel!

                                                                  ~Jeneisa S.  January 2020

"I have visited Larry Ham 3 times for my right hip issue.  He was able to diagnose my problem and gave me specific exercises to do daily.  After performing the exercises I feel much better and plan to continue them."

                                                                         ~Tim C.  May 2019  

"Last fall I was experiencing a lot of hip pain and some lower back pain.  I was having enough struggle with walking that I had gone back to using a cane (which I had not used for several months after I had recovered from R hip surgery).  The X-ray showed the hip was perfect but there was arthritis in the SI joint and instead of steroid injections my doctor ordered PT.  I was pretty skeptical, but I have been SO blessed to have received PT at Larry Ham & Associates.  The first thing Dave did was realign my pelvis and show me some exercises to keep it that way.  Through Strain Counterstrain positioning and strength exercises I have gained tremendous pain relief, mobility and have restored hope for entering the next season in my life.  I am VERY thankful for the care received and reassured that if I do need to return, I will see as good a result as I have this time."

                                                                       ~Jane M. January 2019

"Prior to coming to Larry Ham I had gone to three separate treatment places.  Within 3 visits at Larry Ham I was back to my normal activities."

                                                                        ~Leilani K.  July 2018

"When I arrived I was struggling with standing up straight.  I was in a lot of pain and was scared the next step would go wrong and land me in bed!  Never having had any lower back issues in my life prior to an MVA 2 years ago and having tried chiropractic and massage I had begun to lose hope of living a normal life.  Larry and his associates changed all that.  He and his staff knew exactly what was wrong and targeted the area.  He gave me the exercises and stretches I needed to begin to finally heal and recover from the MVA.  Now I have confidence again and I'm not living in fear.  I can do normal activities again and I'm so grateful I came to Larry Ham & Associates.  Very knowledgeable therapists with an excellent methodology that has proven to be exactly what I needed.  Thank you!"

                                                                             ~Keely F.  July 2018

"Larry and his team gave me excellent rehabilitation.  They helped motivate me to keep up on my exercises at home and I made great strides in getting my knee back to normal."

                                                                          ~Craig P.  July 2018

"When I first started therapy I had hardly any range of motion & was in great pain.  Now I have much more range of motion & hardly any pain except on certain occasions.  I feel the treatment I received was terrific."

                                                                          ~Frank B.  June 2018

"Couldn't hardly walk when I started with Larry.  I was walking in a crouch.  Couldn't stand completely upright.  Now I am walking, running, doing yoga, mowing my lawn.  In all my activities I no longer have pain.  Thank you Larry Ham."

                                                                            ~Jan J.  June 2018

"The best I have felt for a long time.  Will come back."

                                                                        ~Dennis J.  June 2018

"I had neck and shoulder pain all of the time.  Headaches at least 2 to 3 times a week... I've been headache free for the last 3 weeks.  This is the best I've felt for about 2 years.  


                                                                     ~Carolyn A.  May 2018

"I walked into this building a little over a month and a half ago with some of the worst arthritic pain I have felt in my life.  Thanks to Blondel and Mike, I am much more mobile.  I am walking out of here pain free, I got my life back!  Absolutely recommended."

                                                                        ~Brandt M.  May 2018

"Before I came to Larry Ham & Associates Physical Therapy I had extreme shoulder & neck pain.  I could not lift my daughter or turn my neck without being in pain.  I can now sleep better & do not have pain & numbness in my arm."

                                                                    ~Kristiina C.  May 2018

"Physical Therapy with Larry Ham was very satisfactory.  He is very skilled, professional and knowledgeable.  I was amazed how quickly my shoulder responded to his hands-on therapy, and then gradually got so much better."

                                                                   ~Cassandra J.  April 2018

"Great care!  Thanks for helping my back/hip to stop hurting."

                                                               ~Amy W.  April 2018

"My first pregnancy brought on debilitating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  I couldn't physically lift my new son for 6 weeks.  When, during my second pregnancy, the wrist pain started I was desperate to avoid being helpless and in pain again.  My OBGYN told me my only options were surgery or dealing with it.  I took it upon myself to seek PT.  In one quick assessment and the simplest of exercises to do at home I was pain free with full use of my hands returned!  I can't thank Blondel enough for allowing me to enjoy my pregnancy and our new baby pain free!"

                                                                             ~Tara N. April 2018

"I have had many physical therapists in my 60+ years and I can say that Blondel Assonken is by far the best therapist I have ever worked with.  Blondel has treated me for many different issues over the last 4 years, his skills and knowledge of the human body are amazing.  He continues to take classes and is always learning new techniques for helping his patients.  Blondel is a very caring and compassionate therapist that truly cares for his patients.  I have even recommended Blondel to my husband and daughter."

                                                                        ~Cindy H. April 2018

"Blondel is amazing and was able to get me back to running and racing pain free."

                                                                       ~Leanne A.  April 2018

"Sarah at Larry Ham & Associates has been a miracle worker to help my painful knee.  Using Strain Counterstrain she has revitalized what phyiscal therapy has been like for me, both in technique and results.  I recommend Sarah to anyone wanting results."

                                                                     ~Allison M.  April 2018

"I started with Blondel at a point of discouragingly slow surgical recovery for a chronic hip/groin injury.  Blondel's methods were different from my expectations and familiarity but I am happy to report after a month of treatment I am improving significantly.  I'm glad I was referred to Blondel for care.  Many thanks."


                                                                        ~Robert G.  April 2018

"Blondel's physical therapy has given me relief several different times.  After shoulder surgery he eased my pain and I have full motion.  For my back he was able to help with the pain.  When I came in I was not able to stand up straight.  After the first session my mobility was greatly improved.  I appreciate his manner and humor.  Would I refer friends to Blondel...?  YES, YES, YES!"

                                                                       ~Lorrie B.  April 2018

"I came in after seeing 2 other therapists and I made such a great recovery after seeing Lisa.  I would highly recommend her, she has changed my life with all the pain I was under.  She is so good I am bringing in my husband.  Very professional, understanding and sees you as a human.  Thank you for everything!!"

                                                                           ~Janie R.  April 2018

"Blondel has made an incredible impact on my life.  Going from feeling:  As I get older I have to live with pain - To realizing that is not true.  Treatment was amazing!"

                                                                   ~Jeannie C.  April 2018

"I had back problems for two years and it was constantly bothering me.  The chiropractor helped, but it didn't really help my back issues as much as I needed.  I've come to Larry three times and my back is feeling amazing."


~ Jake L.

"I came to Larry Ham and Associates for therapy for my shoulder and the experience was amazing!   Their technique is so unique and Blondel and Mike are so skilled at treating their patients and healing.  I have made huge progress since seeing them and would highly recommend their services!"


~ Brianna B.

"I had problems with my lower back for the last 2 years and it got so bad that I finally [sought] help.  After the first session I saw immediate relief.  I kept up on my appointments for 3 weeks and am pain free and no longer need physical therapy."

                                                                                            ~ Rhett N.

"Mr. Ham helped me with my hip and leg pain. The home exercises were well explained and easy to do. As we worked together my pain decreased and my sleep improved. I am very pleased with the care I received".


~ Teresa V.

"I have had many injuries treated by Larry Ham and Associates.  Most recently were two knee replacements and a shoulder debridement.  Mike was very patient and tenacious with me and achieved great results!  I highly recommend this office to many friends and work accomplices."


~ Pat M. 

"I worked with Blondel to help relieve symptoms of tinnitus and hearing loss due to bad orthodontics that resulted in extreme jaw misalignment.  After my first appointment, my jaw was able to float back to its natural and correct alignment after 50 years of displacement.  Subsequent sessions have helped immensely.  The tenitis is 95% gone and hearing loss is no longer worsening, I believe, even improving.  Blondel is well-versed in body science, but is also gifted in his intuition.  I highly recommend him."


~ Robin M. 

"I have been a fan of the strain-counterstain techniques that Larry Ham PT are specialists [with].  My specific issues of fibromyalgia respond very well to these techniques along with the trigger point release therapy for muscles, viscera, and nerves.  Lisa has been fantastic!"


~ Alene L. 

"I got Blondel's name from my physical therapist.  She told me he is amazing and that's true.  1.5 years ago, my back was hurting even when I [would] lay still in bed.  Moving it was like a knife in my back.  Today, I'm back to skiing and I walk 3 miles every morning."


~ Ingrid J. 


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