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Our address is 3010 S Southeast Blvd
Suite G
(In the back)


Our Approach to Treatment

At LHPT, we are a hands-on physical therapy practice that provides one-on-one care to our patients. Our founder, Larry Ham, is a certified instructor for the Jones Institute. The Jones Institute is the only organization that provides instructors who are certified and authorized to teach the Strain Counterstrain technique. Larry Ham has trained thousands of therapists throughout the US and overseas in the Counterstrain method. Our clinic is known as the leading provider of Counterstrain treatment in the Spokane area. All of our therapists are fully fluent in assessment and treatment of neuromuscular and skeletal dysfunctions using the Counterstrain approach. In addition to Counterstrain, our therapists are trained in traditional PT treatments and modalities. Some of our other treatment methods include, but are not limited to Primal Reflex Release Treatment, Total Motion Release, Visceral Manipulation, Mobilization with Movement, Pain Neutralization Technique, and NAIOMT-based assessment and treatment. When pain is decreased and dysfunction is corrected, patients are progressed to individually-tailored exercise programs. Our therapists are there each step of the way, continually assessing progress and adjusting treatments and exercises to maximize function.

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